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Source: Official website of Vinnytsia City Council

A “Vinnytsia’s new image” meeting took place in Vinnytsia as part of the process of creating Vinnytsia’s marketing strategy. The meeting was held in the open space format at a Vinnytsia central city library.  Participants presented and discussed ideas for Vinnytsia’s brand building. The main idea running through all the projects proposed was that Vinnytsia is an innovative, tolerant, well-balanced and harmonious city.

PLEDDG Project, which is implemented with support from Canadian Government, together with Vinnytsia City Council invited creative and active local residents to join the meeting and share ideas for Vinnytsia’s brand and its promo project.

The open space is a creative platform for group discussions, which is generally used as a strategic development tool for reaching solutions to difficult issues. Participants brainstormed on Vinnytsia branding and discussed the issues at hand in small groups. They wanted Vinnytsia to be presented as an innovative, tolerant, well-balanced and harmonious city.

This event is very important for the city. It has been organized within the framework of development of a Vinnytsia Marketing Strategy we are currently working on. We have invited local residents to join our open space meeting so that everyone could have a part in the development of the future brand of their city. At a time of technological progress and rapid urban development, our city has no choice but to move forward. Vinnytsia has unique opportunities and should have its own brand which will be natural and easy-to-understand not only for Vinnytsia’s residents, but also all over Ukraine and abroad

says Vitaliy Pogosyan, the Head of Economic and Investment Department, Vinnytsia City Council.

One of the initiatives implemented by PLEDDG Project in Vinnytsia is providing assistance in developing a city Marketing Strategy and city branding. Today’s event is all about discussion and brainstorming, that would eventually lead to choosing the best brand for Vinnytsia Vinnytsia has already positioned itself as a city of consistent leadership, of innovative, tolerant, well-balanced and harmonious quality. Our task is to continue working on Vinnytsia’s brand

says Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior PLEDDG Project Expert.

I’m happy to see so many people today who care about the future of their city. I’ve been working in more than 60 cities in 12 countries and I can say that your city has a lot of possibilities. Vinnytsia is rich in resources, interesting history and culture. The city is green and comfortable, there are a lot of talented people living here. The main objective of the brand is to combine all those different aspects into a single city image

says Kadie Ward, PLEDDG Senior Governance Advisor.