Source: Berdiansk City Council

45096534_1880554688647073_1658661772090933248_nOn October 31, a thematic meeting on “Berdiansk as a Year Round Attractive City” in the framework of the development of Berdiansk Marketing Strategy, took place in the “Open Space” format. It was held by experts from “Partnership for Local Economic Development” (PLEDDG) Valentyna Zatyshniak and Larysa Olenkovska, Ihor Lepyoshkin, PLEDDG Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group, and Svitlana Kruhliak, PLEDDG Coordinator in Zaporizhia Region.

The objective of the talk held with active citizens was identification and shaping ideas for a positive tourist image of Berdiansk and promotion of its brand. In particular, the projects were to be referred to visualizations, “growing” and entrenchment of the brand in city’s environment, infrastructure, and Berdiansk residents’ minds, and making it vibrant in the cultural environment of the city, etc. As Larysa Olenkovska noted, the competition between territories and cities was growing day by day, and the city’s success would depend on the scope in which the projects would be targeted at creating positive impressions about the city and on the extent in which authorities would be ready to implement the ideas together with citizens.

The event brought together active Berdiansk citizens: students, entrepreneurs, hotel and resort business, national associations, NGOs, Yulia Doinova, Deputy Mayor, and representatives of Executive Committee departments.

The attendees were shown the draft idea of the brand for marketing strategy, which had been developed by the task team. Then the participants had an opportunity to express their ideas and “record” them. The proposal referred to a variety of areas for municipal improvement and positioning of Berdiansk as a powerful, safe, and sports-oriented city for its citizens and tourist all year round. This will be followed up with PLEDDG’s experts elaborating the ideas, which will be included in the City Marketing Strategy.