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On February 27-28, 2018, in Kyiv PLEDDG Project provided training on “Campaigns for Municipal Branding and Marketing” for representatives from partner cities to share expert knowledge and experience in city branding and marketing.

In the course of the 2-day training participants discussed practical aspects of municipal branding and marketing and got familiar with a methodology for creation and implementation of municipal marketing campaigns. They learned about key components of municipal branding and marketing campaigns, different types of such campaigns, as well as necessary requirements for their creation. Also, participants were introduced to various instruments and online platforms that allow its users to create and manage branding and marketing campaigns.

PLEDDG Project engaged renowned and seasoned Ukrainian and foreign experts to conduct training. The training sessions were facilitated by Kadie Ward, PLEDDG Senior Governance Advisor, PLEDDG consultants Volodymyr Proskurnin and Larysa Olenkivska, as well as Sean McRitchie from Strathcona County, Canada. Sean McRitchie provided a Canadian perspective and shared his experience in running municipal marketing campaigns in Strathcona County and in promotion of the brand of the city of London, Canada.

Training participants discussed a few municipal marketing campaigns that had been successfully implemented in Ukrainian cities, namely in Dnipro, Melitipol and Kryvyy Rih, presented by Valentyna Zatyshniak, Director of Dnipro Investment Agency, and Tetiana Pidpalko, Head of Economic Department of Kryvyy Rih City Council.

As a result of the training on campaigns for municipal branding and marketing, participants will be now tackling municipal branding and marketing campaigns in their cities with a better understanding of municipal marketing and branding.