Source Kremenchuk City Council


Kremenchuk Mayor Vitaliy Maletskyi had a working meeting with PLEDDG experts, who were conducting trainings on provision of high quality administrative services based on the example of the Kremenchuk Administration Service Center.

The mayor expressed his gratitude to PLEDDG Project for doing so much for territorial communities in 16 municipalities of Ukraine, which includes assistance in local governance development. He reminded that the Kremenchuk Administration Service Center was created with the help of PLEDDG experts. To meet customer needs, the Center it always working on improvement of its functioning. Nowadays, various administrative services are provided online, which is a very convenient format for many. The current tasks are to provide as many administrative services via Internet as possible.

In their turn, PLEDDG experts expressed their admiration with what they had seen and heard in Kremenchuk. They admitted that after taking a walk through the city, they were pleasantly surprised with the city’s beauty and cleanness.