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On August 21, 2018, Zaporizhia Regional Administration hosted a presentation of ProZorro.Sale e-system for nearly 200 representatives of municipal/rural councils and amalgamated territorial communities of Zaporizhia region. The event took place in the framework of “A Day of Amalgamated Territorial Communities” with support of PLEDDG Project.

“It is for the first time since Ukraine’s independence that state property has been sold in such an open and transparent manner, without any hidden procedures or payments, – everything is online. The ProZorro.Sale system has long been used successfully by the Deposit Insurance Fund as well as by cities and regions across the country. Together, we have already sold the assets of bankrupt banks, state and utility enterprises worth over 9 billion UAH, – told Oleksiy Sobolev, Acting General Director of SE “Prozorro.Sale”.

“Small privatization is an efficient and transparent way to pump up local communities’ budgets. It provides for the sale of enterprises, land lots, and constructions belonging to the State or local authorities. Unlike large privatization, small privatization is limited to the objects estimated at less than 250 million UAH. Small privatization started this summer pursuant to the Law “On Privatization of State and Utility Property”, which took effect in March 2018.

In the framework of small privatization, the objects are listed for sale both by the Fund of State Property of Ukraine (FSPU) and by local authorities. Small privatization shall be exercised through ProZorro.Sale e-system that is based on the principles of transparency and openness from making the objects publicly available and announcing tender terms and conditions to declaring the winners, all of which leave no room for corruption.