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PLEDDG Project presented an analytical report on the quality of public services in partner cities and held a discussion on public services provided by administration service centers.

In light of urgent imperative for public authorities to put into place an efficient methodology for monitoring and control over the quality of public services provision, throughout the year 2017, PLEDDG Project experts made assessment of public services and operation of Administration Service Centers in each of its 16 partner cities, with reports and guidelines prepared as appropriate.

On January 31, 2018, a roundtable discussion on “Monitoring of Administration Service Centre for improvements of quality of operation and provision of services” was held by PLEDDG Project, with consolidated an analytical report presented as a follow-up action based on assessment of activity of 16 partner cities with regard to provision of public services.

The representatives of central administration authorities of executive bodies, local self-governance of partner cities, international technical assistance projects, directors of Administration Service Centers, and experts took part in the roundtable discussion. During the roundtable, the best practices from cities such as Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kremenchuk, and Melitopol were presented, as well as criteria and the results of assessment of cities’ work in the sphere of public services provision. Participants discussed further steps to improve the system of public services provision, including support of international technical assistance projects. The discussion was moderated by Ihor Lepyoshkin, PLEDDG Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group.