Source:  Melitopol City Council

585cb404-e597-4367-8451-b5e653d03bbcOn September 13, 2018, the Executive Committee of Melitopol City Council hosted another regular session of the task team working on the 2030 Melitopol Development Strategy.

The task team’s regular session started with welcome speeches from Serhii Pryima, Melitopol Deputy Mayor, and Ihor Lepyoshkin, PLEDDG Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group.

— I am grateful to PLEDDG experts both for close cooperation and materials provided for working on 2030 Melitopol Development Strategy to be announced today. The city development Strategy is a basic program document representing the community’s long-term vision of the city, which aims at achieving economic growth, increasing competitiveness of the city’s economy, improving welfare of the population, and exercising the interests of all sectors of the city’s territorial community. Therefore, I have high hope for active work and critical analysis of the materials, – Serhii Pryima, Melitopol Deputy Mayor, addressed this to all the attendees.

IMG_20180913_124343_resized_20180913_025305295Having mentioned Melitopol as a unique city, Ihor Lepyoshkin, PLEDDG Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group, noted: “We made efforts to include all the opinions in order not to lose any idea. The materials provided are the consolidated and synthesized information that is to be analyzed now, and it is necessary to find those first choices that are to be made. Specifically, today we are aimed at working toward defining strategic objectives and areas of development. I ask you for active and fruitful work.”

Presently, following the results of the meetings held, experts from PLEDDG Project and  the Association of Ukrainian Cities Natalia Boyko and Larysa Olenkovska delivered the groundwork materials of the strategic vision and mission of the city, areas of development and results of SWOT-analysis. There were presented four expert proposals as to the areas of the city’s development based on the groundwork of the Task Team, which included:

  • an open city for entrepreneurial success, innovative service and logistic center;
  • a modern and attractive health-saving inclusive city space;
  • a resource efficient and safe system of the city’s essential services;
  • a territory for tourism, sports, and creative industries.

In the course of the session, the task team discussed and specified the submitted materials. Among the attendees, there were officials of Melitopol City Council, civil activists, and businesses.

The subsequent session will include the work on the same areas of the city’s development, which are to be elaborated within thematic subgroups, as well as on approving the draft structure of the objectives for the future 2030 Melitopol Development Strategy.