Source: Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry


ABC Book. The practical guide “Exporter’s ABC Book” was presented at the session of the Council of Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry made up of the region’s leading companies.

The edition comes as part of activities carried out by Zaporizhia Center for Export Support, created by Zaporizhia CCI and Zaporizhia Regional Development Agency with PLEDDG support.

According to Valeriy Kokot, PLEDDG Senior Expert in Business Development, the export constituent is thrusted into the spotlight nowadays, which means performing a range of activities for facilitating entering foreign markets and working efficiently. “The Exporter’s ABC Book” is exactly a step-by-step guide for beginners, designed to ensure that the work is more efficient.

The main export stages are highlighted intelligibly: from an enterprise’s readiness to export up to signing contracts.

Абетка_1The author of the edition, an expert in foreign trade sector, Mykola Larin, says that the “ABC” elucidates the most important issues related to entering foreign markets. Among them, the main focus lands on assessment of the readiness of an enterprise to export, as well as marketing strategies and market research, contracts and delivery terms, and financing of export operation.

Needless to say, the edition is not an exhaustive list of all possible questions the prospective exporters may become concerned with. However, as closing remarks of the “Exporter’s ABC Book” say, “…a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, what is important is to think big and stay the course”! The implementation of the project “Zaporizhia Center for Export Support” was made possible with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada through the Democratic Governance and Development Initiatives Support Fund of the international technical assistance project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG).