Source: Kolomyia City Council

51315368_794355724263374_1553238685959323648_oKolomyia implemented 12 projects with PLEDDG financial, technical, and advisory support. They included development and application of instruments for open governance, small and medium entrepreneurship development programs, improvement of the quality of administrative services provision, etc. Today, the results of implementation of all the initiatives were discussed and analyzed at an extended session of the Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development created for implementation of PLEDDG Project in Kolomyia.

The local community is familiar with these projects. The majority of them have been implemented for several years, while others have already entered the implementation stage.

  1. “Open City” system
  2. Public budget
  3. Local e-petitions
  4. Local budget transparency index
  5. Improvement of the quality of administrative services provision and operation of Administration Services Centers.
  6. The project “Improvement of the quality of administrative services provision” rendered to the community by Kolomyia City Council through the creation of a system of hardware and software for e-processing of applications and document flow.
  7. The system for strategic planning (Kolomyia Development Strategy until 2017)
  8. Marketing City Strategy
  9. Analysis of a local business climate
  10. The program for development of small and medium entrepreneurship in Kolomyia for 2018-2022
  11. The Program “Promotion of Development of Small and Medium Business in Kolomyia through Creation of Information and Education Business Incubator “KOLBIC”.