Source: The Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development Agency


On February 11, a formal meeting took place in the framework of the project “City Information Booklets as an Instrument for Improving a City Image”, implemented by the Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development Agency with support from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), which is implementing the “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Project). The meeting brought together representatives from Ladyzhyn City Council, Administration Services Provision Center, Ladyzhyn Municipal Branch of Vinnytsia Regional Employment Center, NGOs, and the city’s main enterprises.

During the session, the participants were shown a booklet about Ladyzhyn, as one of the project tasks was to design, print, and distribute such booklets. The content of the booklet was created by the project team together with experts and members of the Committee on Management of Implementation of the 2015 Ladyzhyn Development Strategy. The top page of the booklet contains Ladyzhyn’s municipal arms and the year of the city’s foundation, contact information of the city’s directory and emergency services, disclaimers, and PLEDDG Project’s logos. The inside of the booklet features a brief history of the city, information on the city’s “landmark” – the “Ladyzhyn Hai” dendrological park, as well as social and economic background. The stories are accompanied with photos.

It should be noted that it is the “Ladyzhyn Hai” dendrological park which the major part of respondents (26%) would like to tell their guests about (the survey was conducted as part of the public opinion studies in the course of implementation of the project in summer 2018).

The print media materials are double folded A4 format booklets issued in the number of 2 thousand copies.

A part of booklets is given to representatives of Administration Services Provision Center in Ladyzhyn Municipal Branch of Vinnytsia Regional Employment Center to be distributed among visitors. Also, the booklets will be distributed during the city’s cultural, art, and sportive events, as well as at conferences, round tables, and other events outside the city with participation of Ladyzhyn representatives involved.

The project’s partner is “DTEC” company.