Source: Zhmerynka City Council

On February 26, 2019, a meeting of the Zhmerynka 2030 Development Strategy Working Group took place in Zhmerynka. The Working Group was created in the framework of PLEDDG Project’s cooperation with Zhmerynka authorities, with the aim of elaborating a city development strategy for Zhmerynka.

Officials from Zhmerynka City Council, representatives of local public utilities companies, educational establishments, businesspersons and public activists discussed a draft city development strategy. PLEDDG consultants Oleksandr Voloshynskyy and Petro Mavko presented the results of an analysis of the local community (a community profile), strategic vision for the city, SWOT-analysis, strategic and operational goals.

Also, in thematic groups, the working group members selected and corrected technical requirements to development projects for a Strategy Implementation Plan. PLEDDG environmental consultant Hennadiy Marushevskyy explained the rationale behind strategic environmental assessment of a city strategy.