Source: Official website of Ivano-Frankivsk


These very questions were put to the agenda of the extended session of Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development and the Committee for management of Ivano-Frankivsk Strategy implementation, held on November 5, 2019.

The session was opened by Deputy Mayor Ruslan Haida and Mayor’s Counselor Bohdan Bilyk. PLEDDG Consultant Oleksandr Voloshynskyi and Regional Coordinator Iryna Vandych also took part in the event.

The Head of the Department for Economic Analysis and Strategic Planning of the Office of Economic and Integrational Development presented the results of the City Development Strategy implementation for the І half of 2019. The information is available on the official website of the city.

As far as Cherniiv and Pidluzhzhia joined Ivano-Frankivsk City Council the necessity of taking into account community’s needs appeared. Such proposals on adjustments and amendments to the existing Implementation Plan for 2018-2020 City Development Strategy were discussed at the session.

The progress of implementation of 18 initiatives and projects which have impact on the city development as well as key priorities to ensure their further sustainability were discussed.

18 initiatives and projects under the support of PLEDDG have been launched and implemented for the last two years in Ivano-Frankivsk, with some of them being unique. The Advisory Committee members discussed the success of such initiatives and ways of their improvement, with sustainability of their results being ensured.

The initiatives and projects that were being implemented with PLEDDG Project support are the following:

  • local budget transparency index;
  • gender-oriented budjeting;
  • the system for strategic planning (Ivano-Frankivsk Development Strategy until 2028);
  • Marketing Strategy
  • City branding;
  • the analysis of local business climate, the Program for business competitiveness of small and medium enterprises for 2019-2021;
  • the project “Smart Tourism” in Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • the project “Gender Analysis” (enhancement of city planning and development of the city through gender-sensitive and inclusive approaches, women involvement in the urban development);
  • the project “SheEmpowers – extension of opportunities of women in economic life of Ivano-Frankivsk”;
  • the project “B2B Creative Women Network: enhancing women’s capacity in creative industries of Ivano-Frankivsk” (founding such separate institution as Accelerator (Support Center) of creative women start-ups, which will foster their entering to the market and give them an impetus for implementing creative business initiatives; implementation of the tailored training course and mentorship program (guidance); building the network of partnership between women in creative sectors of economy);
  • the project “Lokky – a communication and navigation system for connecting entrepreneurs of creative economies”;
  • the project “Development of the environment for business education in Ivano-Frankivsk” (creating comfortable conditions for implementation of training programs and events for businesses;

and many other initiatives and projects.