Source: Kremenchuk City Council

IMG_9128The Kremenchuk Development Strategy was created with support from the project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance”. It was supported by the city council deputies at the end of 2017.

The session of the Committee on the management of implementation of the Kremenchuk Strategy welcomed the participation of the First Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Pelypenko, PLEDDG Consultant on Strategic Planning Andrii Kaliuznyi, Director of MC “City Development Institute” Andrii Melnyk, Head of Economy Department Mykola Zdoima, Head of Environmental Safety Department Oleksii Fediun, Head of Department for Energy Management and Power Management Tetiana Andrievska, Director of “Administration Services Center” Department Tetiana Pecherytsia, and NGOs’ representatives, etc.

It should be noted that, following the assessment of PLEDDG experts, the “Kremenchuk Development Strategy” was recognized the best one among similar program documents developed in other Ukrainian cities. The program document on Kremenchuk’s strategic development consists of several areas, in particular, “a developed export oriented city, a city of favorable investment conditions, an energy efficient and ecologically safe city, a city with excellent creative and humanitarian space”.

The managers of structural departments reported on the information on the status of implementation of the projects covered by Kremenchuk Development Strategy. 19 out of 77 projects have already been implemented, and 8 of them are at the implementation stage. Respectively, the number of measures taken within the projects is 389, with 115 having been implemented and 24 being at the implementation stage. On the whole, the intended effect of the strategic program document is until 2028.