Source – Kremenchuk City Council


The “City’s Ecology” International Eco-Forum, held with PLEDDG Project support and under the auspices of the Executive Committee of Kremenchuk City Council, opened in Kremenchuk. In the course of the Forum, it is planned to preliminary discuss the activity of the Association of Ukrainian Cities on environmental aspects, ecological issues in educational products of PLEDDG Project, global trends in development of green cities, the Canadian experience in water resources management, public policy in household waste management, pilot project on separate waste collection being implemented in the framework of PLEDDG Project, monitoring and control over natural air condition in Kremenchuk.

Deputy Mayor of Kremenchuk Dmytro Kravchenko, Director of PU “Kremenchuk Development Institute” Andrii Melnyk, PhD in Technical Sciences, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Research and Latest Technologies in Education of M. Ostrohradskyi KrNU, PLEDDG Senior Expert in Intergovernmental Cooperation and Economic Development Oleksandr Ignatenko, PLEDDG Environmental Expert Hennadiy Marushevskyi, Director of Green Economy Institute, Project Manager – reform of the system of ecological control, monitoring, and responsibility of the Reform Support Office at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine Viacheslav Potapenko, PLEDDG Project Consultant on Environmental Safety (Canada) Doug Hickman, Chief Engineer and Executive Director of Engineering and Construction Services in Toronto Michael D’Andrea, Deputy Head of Department for Improvement of Areas and Communal Services of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services Liudmyla Poltorachenko, Head of Zhmerynka Department for Urban Economy Anatolii Konoval, Doctor of Technical Science, Dean of Faculty of Sciences of M. Ostrohradskyi KrNU Volodymyr Bakhariev, Director of “Atmar Engineering” LLC Wahid Atmar, and others took part in the Forum.

Welcoming the forums’ participants, Deputy Mayor Dmytro Kravchenko noted that the problem of preservation of environment was one of the latest priorities. Gathering together at such discussion platforms as this ecological forum currently held in Kremenchuk, the participants first of all aim not only at discussing innovations in environment safety sector and sharing their best practices in environment protection and safety, but also at developing a common concept for solving existing ecological problems. Dmytro Kravchenko made a point at that the ecological forum held in Kremenchuk with participation of scientists and foreign experts was an important event because their knowledge and practical experience in ecology might facilitate a comprehensive review of the city’s environmental problems and improve its environmental situation.