Source – Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development

f7cce69a458d7efdb44edf9504a4bfc3Two-sided billboards were installed on Ladyzhyn streets in the framework of the project “Information Objects of the Urban Environment as an Instrument for a City’s Image Improvement” implemented by the Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development with support from Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Project). Co-funding is provided by “DTEK-ENERGO” LLC.

A billboard is 1.85 m high and 1.25 m wide, made of shock-resistant polycarbonate, placed on the 65 cm high “stand”, and is 130 W LED-illuminated. Inside each billboard there are posters informing about achievements in social and economic development, culture, and sport. Based on the results of the survey conducted in the summer of 2018, tourists and transport users are now informed through posters about municipal bus routes: the city map contains information about bus routes with the names of stops and arrival and departure times; the billboards  with such posters are installed near the stops with the busiest traffic, particularly, near bus ff339ebe9edd80d1b0fa95e2898161c9stations and the “Yevropeyskyi” shopping center.

According to project managers, billboards show how to create the city image and improve its attractiveness for investors and tourists. Information objects serve their education purpose, they are helpful in telling everyone about the uniqueness of the city, and finally, they shape its investment and tourist attractiveness. The information content of such objects creates a positive image for the city. The right information content will help most accurately show the advantages of Ladyzhyn and allow for successful competition for investments, human resources, economic, cultural, tourist flows, and improving local residents’ self-esteem, making their living more comfortable and helping them realize all the advantages and uniqueness of the city.