Source: Poltava region news

On September 16, the Poltava oblast state administration hosted a round table on “First-priority needs of local self-governance bodies in advance training”, where the LED Professional Training Program for Civil Servants and Local Governance Officials was presented.

The Program was developed by PLEDDG in a partnership with National Academy for Public Administration under The President of Ukraine and the Center for re-training and advance training for officials of Poltava region public bodies and agreed with National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service.

“The Program to be presented today covers all the needs and reforms carried out within the system of central executive power authorities and local self-governance bodies. All essential services are getting closer to the communities, therefore, you should know how to improve them, how to attract investments into communities — all this relies on the specialists ready to acquire knowledge, study, and develop”, – Inna Ischenko, Director of Economics, Trade and Investment Attraction Department of Poltava Oblast State Administration, said.

PLEDDG Senior Expert Oleksandr Ignatenko reported on PLEDDG’s activity.

“PLEDDG provides support to self-governance bodies in 16 Ukrainian cities. A key Project’s priority is to strengthen the economy of communities”, – Oleksandr Ignatenko said.

The Professional Program suggests civil servants and local governance officials acquire knowledge on local economic development principles, methods, instruments and financial means for their implementation. As a result of their capacities to efficiently foster economic development in practical terms, they should think both creatively and strategically, take responsive decisions in non-standard situations, apply innovative approaches in their activity, be both flexible in the process of overcoming governance challenges and open to changes.

The Program’s objective includes such aims as to ensure capacity-building for effective local economic development management, to build the skills required for implementation of reforms, to take consistent measures for compliance with good governance principles established by the decision of the Council of Europe, to use the instruments for strategic planning and territorial marketing, to attract investments, to support small and medium business, to develop workforce, to identify medium business funding sources, to develop human capital, and to establish fund-raising sources and assessment criteria of local economic development.

The Program includes:

2 compulsory modules of general component: Module 1: The Fundamentals of Local Economic Development; Module 2. Democratic Governance.

6 compulsory modules of functional component: Module 1: The Methodology and Contemporary Practice of Strategic Planning; Module 2. Marketing and Branding of Territories; Module 3. Investments as Instruments of Local Economic Development; Module 4. Support of Local Business and Entrepreneurship Development; Module 5. Development of Human Resources; Module 6. The Mechanisms of Funding of Local Economic Development.

4 modules of elective courses: Module 1: Monitoring of Local Economic Development; Module 2. The Gender Fundamentals of Local Economic Development; Module 3. Strategic Ecologic Planning; Module 4. Local Economic Development Project Management.

In October, PLEDDG is going to conduct a 9-day demonstration training in Poltava.