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Brand of a city is one of the key factors that allows to attract tourists as well as investors. It also helps to promote city among the citizens. The city brand is what Poltava community and municipal authorities jointly with the Regional Development Institute and PLEDDG experts have been discussing during past few months in the form of working groups, round-table discussions and joint sessions.

The Municipal Culture Center’s exhibition hall gathered concerned Poltava citizens for the openspace meeting. Everyone was committed to the common enterprise which is to come up with a comprehensive and authentic city identity. Based on the groundwork results, a preliminary brand concept of Poltava as a historical city of intimacy and hope, cradle of unique people, city of traditions and genuine Ukrainian tasty cuisine, comfortable and home-felt city was developed.

Besides, the task team members discussed the possibility of city brand development projects implementation within three areas:

  • projects on visual presentation and recognition of the city’s brand in the urban environment and infrastructure, namely, in the process of making investment products, creating a modern tourist infrastructure, in public space, transport and services sector, etc.;
  • projects aimed at revival of the city’s brand in the cultural urban environment, in particular, when business and art events are held for the residents;
  • projects on the implementation of the marketing strategy, the city brand promotion and advertising.

Oleksandr Shamota, Poltava City Council Secretary, said that any citizen or public organization may join the process of marketing strategy and city brand development. At the end the working group will select the best ideas.

— The advantage of openspace working is that we are open to any proposal. Everyone can come up with an idea and express their proposals. Afterwards, we will collectively select those that will help us to achieve our objective. This process may take about 4 months”, — the Secretary said.

After preliminary and organizational works are done, the tender for companies which will professionally work over the brand and will be able to visualize the idea created by Poltava citizens, authorities and international partners effectively will be announced.

Deputy Mayor on Social and Economic Issues Tetiana Yurchenko pointed out that:

— Developing a new Poltava brand, we set an important goal. It is high quality branding that shows investors and tourists that the city has its unique vision, traditions, history, legend, i.e. something that is valuable both from a tourist`s and investor`s points of view. Meanwhile, investments presuppose creation of new jobs for Poltava citizens and a powerful impetus for its economic development”.

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