Source: Zhmerynka.City

What kind of Zhmerynka would we like to see in 5, 10, or 20 years? What steps shall we take today for this to happen? Those were the questions and answers discussed at a meeting at Zhmerynka City Council.

In partnership with experts, the working group, which was made of representatives of local authorities, business sector, educational institutions, as well as city residents, was working on a 2030 Zhmerynka Development Strategy. Under the auspices of PLEDDG Project, the working group had already had several working meetings to identify strong and weak points, challenges and risks of strategic planning.


On January 4th, the working group made up a list of major priorities for city development in various areas. Among them were accessibility and security, public amenities and comfort, development of the city as a transport hub and industrial, regional and cultural center.

PLEDDG consultants on strategic planning provided assistance to the working group with regard to setting objectives and finding ways of their achievement.