On February 8, 2019, Poltava hosted a kick-off meeting of social entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine. The event was organized by “Light of Hope” charity organization in cooperation with PLEDDG Project. The objective of the meeting was to join efforts of Ukrainian social enterprises for the sharing of experience, fundraising, and social entrepreneurship development in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the opportunity to create a business association, developed and approved the Charter of association of social entrepreneurs of Ukraine, processed and shared functions as to registration and communication of social enterprises.

Moreover, a non-governmental association “Consortium of Social Enterprises of Ukraine” was created at the meeting.

*PLEDDG Project provides active support to social entrepreneurship in Ukraine. In particular, PLEDDG experts created the guide on ““Social Entrepreneurship: Introduction and Best Practices”. The guidebook explains the notion of “social entrepreneurship” and introduces the reader to the best cases of social entrepreneurship, both in Ukraine and abroad.