Source – The Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development

8b1784feaf16a5eeffcbf058e63794adThe project “Information Objects of the Urban Environment as an Instrument for a City’s Image Improvement” implemented in Ladyzhyn by the Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development with support of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), which is implementing the “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” Project (PLEDDG), was launched on May 1, 2018 and took one year to complete. The project was co-funded by “DTEK-ENERGO” LLC.

The participants of the closing session, held in the “Ladyzhyn Hai” dendrological park, shared their impressions of the progress and results of the project, which was aimed at the improvement of the city’s attractiveness and recognition, development of tourist potential through distribution of information about the community’s resources, installment of city environment information objects, distribution of promo-videos and printed materials about the city.

Therefore, for the period of project implementation:

  • a survey of 1200 residents and tourists was conducted;
  • an online survey was conducted;
  • 3 focus-group studies were undertaken;
  • conditions for equal participation of men and women in decision-making processes were created;
  • a report on the results of public opinion research was presented;
  • 11 billboards installed;
  • 2000 copies of promo-booklets about the city designed and distributed;
  • a video “Ladyzhyn is our native city” made;
  • 19 broadcasts of the video on TRC “Vinnychchyna” and 10 broadcasts on “Vita” Channel;
  • 5 meetings with the project’s team, experts and civil activists held;
  • 50 copies of the brochure about the results of project implementation designed and distributed;
  • 6 info-blocks about commencement and progress of the project implementation published on the website of LEDA in Ladyzhyn and on Facebook;
  • the process of shaping of a positive image of the city through installing the city environment information objects and distributing promo-video and printed materials about the city began.

The Agency for Ladyzhyn Local Economic Development expresses their heartfelt and sincere gratitude to PLEDDG Project for support of the local initiative aimed at improvement of Ladyzhyn’s image, expert assistance in the course of implementation of the project and promotion of awareness of the social and gender approach issues.