The intensity of attracting investment to the regions directly affects the economic development and well-being of local residents. This allows to increase the number of jobs, develop local infrastructure, and ensure an increase in revenue to local budgets. All these factors force regions to compete and shape their own approaches to investment attraction.

In April 2020, with the support of the PLEDDG Project, the investment portal of the Ivano-Frankivsk region was launched. The resource is designed to reduce the number of links in the chain of cooperation between local authorities and investors.

“The portal is both an investment business card of the oblast and a communication tool in cooperation with investors. It contains all the necessary information for the investor and data verified by the local authorities. By supporting the creation of such investment tools, we enable the authorities to establish a direct dialogue with investors,” said Olexander Ignatenko, Senior Expert in Intergovernmental Cooperation and Economic Development of the PLEDDG Project.

Since 2015, the PLEDDG Project has been actively helping its partners to build a successful system of interaction with investors. Project experts work closely with local authorities to ensure that investment tools (investment passports, portals, investor guides, investment attraction programs) allow oblasts, cities and communities to benefit from their positioning in the investment attraction market and help increase investment flows into the local economy.