Source: Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration

An important and mandatory component of the 2027 Strategy is the strategic environmental assessment (SEA), prepared with the support of the PLEDDG Project.

On January 21, the report on the SEA of the Vinnytsia Oblast 2027 Sustainable Regional Development Strategy was presented at Vinnytsia Youth Center “Kvadrat”.

Opening the meeting, Inessa Ratushnyak, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Regional Development Department of the Oblast State Administration, thanked PLEDDG for the expert support and development of the SEA and informed the participants on the events and meetings that have already been held during the development of the draft Strategy which have been attended by the representatives of the authorities, business, higher educational institutions and the public, as well as experts and consultants on strategic planning.

PLEDDG consultant Gennady Marushevskiy presented the Report on strategic environmental assessment, aimed to ensure a high level of environmental protection and promote the integration of environmental factors in the preparation of the 2027 Strategy. In particular, the expert noted the importance of this assessment, which would allow to avoid unintended consequences for the environment at the planning stage.

During the meeting, participants discussed how strategic environmental assessment can track the actual consequences of the measures envisaged in the 2027 Strategy.