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1Within the framework of PLEDDG the “Projects Preparation for the receiving of the EU and State Regional Development Fund (SRDF) Sector Budget Support” training session was conducted in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast State Administration.

The Deputy Head of the Oblast State Administration Dmytro Romanyuk, PLEDDG expert Vasyl Kashevsky, PLEDDG Regional Coordinator in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast Iryna Vandych and representatives of local authorities attended the event.

“We are constantly monitoring the preparation of projects to be approved by the SRDF, which may be implemented at the expense of the state budget funds received from the EU. It is about their competitiveness, implementation in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast and the oblast’s development in this context, – said Dmytro Romanyuk. – The issues of programs development and priority expectations from their implementation will be discussed during the training sessions. The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine has developed a model of vision for projects of the new period. I am convinced that we have a chance to use central authorities support tools”.

The purpose of the training was to share knowledge and practical experience in the sphere of regional and local development projects preparation.

During the training, the theory and practice of the regional development projects competition for EU sector budget support, the legal framework and procedure of the SRDF operation, the specifics of project preparation in part of describing activities, in particular, identifying problems, assessing needs, and setting goals and objectives were discussed.