On April 23, Kremenchuk City Council deputies implemented the ‘2020-2024 Kremenchuk School Participatory Budgeting’ program.

From now on, local students can carry out useful initiatives in their educational institution and set a vector for its further development. Students of grades 6 to 11 can prepare a project with proposals and submit it for voting at their school. To implement such projects, each school participating in the Program will receive 50 thousand hryvnias from the local budget.

This year the city will select 4 pilot schools for participation in program. In the future, this practice will be implemented in all local schools.

“It is important to introduce the school participatory budgeting as it allows to use the funds provided for the development of educational institutions in the city effectively. Who understands the needs of a certain school better than its students? The implementation of the Program will allow us to take into account the interests of students and parents as much as it is possible and to change the school environment qualitatively,” – said Igor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert/Program Lead.

Kremenchuk is one of the few Ukrainian cities where the school public budgeting is implemented. Experts from PLEDDG and PAUCI Foundation supports the development and implementation of such a participatory practice in the city.