On March 5, with the support of PLEDDG, the conference of SE ProZorro. Sales “How to attract investment and accelerate economic development?” was held in Kyiv.

Around 200 participants, including the representatives of line ministries, local authorities, businesses and experts, were focused on the discussion of effective state property management and the use of investor relations tools.

Effective state property management is one of the key components of economic development. Funds raised from privatization and leasing allow to increase revenues to the state and local budgets. Thus, for 2019, due to the ProZorro.Sales System the cities received UAH 836 million. In addition, it opens up new opportunities for the development of communities, small and medium-sized businesses.

PLEDDG supports the development of open governance in Ukraine and the implementation of initiatives that help increase the level of transparency of the government. It is a key factor in the privatization and leasing processes. The unique IT system of SE ProZorro.Sales provides equal access and equal opportunities for all the participants of electronic auctions and full transparency of information.