On October 12-13, a two-day training by PLEDDG for self-employed women of the Ivano-Frankivsk region was held. The training was attended by entrepreneurs who have already taken the first steps in business, as well as those who are just starting their own business.

The purpose of teaching the basics of business is to develop the necessary professional competencies and increase the confidence of novice female entrepreneurs in starting and running their businesses. Through the realization of personal potential, overcoming fears and myths about running business, and systematization of knowledge, the participants acquire the necessary skills and inspiration for further activities.

The vast majority of the training participants in Ivano-Frankivsk are engaged in the manufacture of handmade products: designer dishes, decorations, as well as those who focus on the environmental component, such as making shoe covers from used umbrellas.

Participants noted a very important practical component of training and inspiration for further business activities. Kateryna Voronina, coach of the PLEDDG course for self-employed women, handicraft entrepreneur, shared her impressions:

“Training participants often seek advice on promoting their own brand, in particular, they are worried about the lack of ideas for promotion on social networks. During the training, I suggest them to write their own stories about themselves and their brands through stories about what the authors of the brands are grateful for, what they would like to change, their failures and successes. This is interesting both for the businesswomen and for viewers on social media. Moreover, in each story, a person takes something valuable for themselves, the author’s experience can help someone to act or to understand themselves better.”

The training consists of several modules, one of which explains the necessary steps to start your own business, choose the appropriate form of taxation, and register as an individual entrepreneur. In addition, participants practiced developing business plans to get an idea of the degree of profitability of their business right away.

The other training module taught about marketing and promotion of goods and services and answered a wide range of requests from participants.

One of the participants of the training, Yuliya Vasylyk, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, has been making pastries for a long time now. She took part in the training to expand her sales opportunities and attract new customers:

“I have long been going to increase my skills in promotion, to upgrade my Instagram page. The coaches gave very cool and clear tools for this. For example, now I know that it is necessary not only to tell about what you make, though I love it very much. Upon visiting the page, the person should nearly experience making a cake through visual or written content, to feel its aroma, combination of textures, to bathe in with color and decor. With new knowledge, thanks to PLEDDG, I am inspired to use all available opportunities and reach new levels.”

The combination of theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurship, review of hands-on cases, familiarization with international and Ukrainian marketplaces, and promotion practice inspires participants to expand activities and help others.

Yulia Pukhta, an entrepreneur from Ivano-Frankivsk, said:

“I have two areas of employment at the same time: directly making designer jewelry and consulting on running your own business. It is important for me to support other women in their desire to be independent and self-fulfilled. Therefore, the training from PLEDDG helped to bring order into these two areas and plan the next stage of development – the creation of a space in Ivano-Frankivsk that will help women of creative professions to change their field of professional development, develop their own business, and follow through with these changes.”

Supporting the realization of the women’s entrepreneurship potential, the export of ideas and products of local craftswomen into international markets contributes to the balance of labor resources and socio-economic development of the city. Therefore, PLEDDG helps to create conditions for women’s entrepreneurship, and the results of training sessions and responses of self-employed women confirm the relevance and effectiveness of training.