The purpose of the Guide is to assist city decision-makers and their staff to understand the opportunities that may be available for them to adopt green city growth strategies and measures on either a broad policy or narrower project-specific basis. The Guide provides information on how green city growth may be achieved with examples from Ukraine, as well as Canada and other count

The purpose of this Guide is to foster the integration of environmental sustainability principles into successful SME business
activities. In some cases, this means that an existing SME may adopt a “green strategy” incorporating new environmental
sustainability goals and actions into its business actions. In other cases, it means that new enterprises may be
started that specifi cally target the provision of a “green” product or service.
The primary audience for the Guide is SME decision-makers. The Guide should also be used by public sector decisionmakers
and offi cials who wish to stimulate the development of green SMEs, and by agencies that are engaged in business