The purpose of the Guide is to assist city decision-makers and their staff to understand the opportunities that may be available for them to adopt green city growth strategies and measures on either a broad policy or narrower project-specific basis. The Guide provides information on how green city growth may be achieved with examples from Ukraine, as well as Canada and other count

This case study is prepared to highlight the experience of the PLEDDG in the field of social entrepreneurship development with an emphasis on inclusion, which involves the inclusion of vulnerable groups in economic processes and active social life. Using the example of five Ukrainian enterprises the publication shows different approaches to solving the problems of socially vulnerable groups by creating opportunities for their full socialization and self-realization.

The Guide “Social Entrepreneurship: Introduction and Best Practices” explains the notion of “social enterprise” and introduces the reader to the best examples of social enterprise in Ukraine and abroad. The reader will learn of the main characteristics of social enterprise and its legal forms, will be given a glimpse into the history of social enterprise, as well as will grasp the difference between social enterprise and commercial enterprise & civic organizations.