Implementing an “Open Government” Model and Ensuring Transparent
and Effective Decision Making by Local Government


Support of Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises Development


Improve Collaboration between Local, Regional and National Authorities
to Facilitate Decentralization and Intergovernmental Dialogue


Meaningful City Hub — Vinnytsia City Development Platform
Misto Zmistiv, or Meaningful City Hub, in English is a central hub and a genuine driver of social activity in Vinnytsia. It is founded on the idea of creating cross-sector dialogue among public activists, local authorities and the business community. Last year alone, the hub hosted 476 activities organised by 59 Vinnytsia-based, 26 all-Ukraine civil society organisations (CSOs), 7 international organisations and 17 departments of city- and oblast-level administrations, attended by almost 16,000 people. What is the contribution of the PLEDDG Project to this model and what makes it successful?
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Success stories #ChangingCities
#ChangingCities Campaign demonstrates successful examples and innovative approaches to democratic governance and local economic development in Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts in Ukraine, that have resulted from the efforts of PLEDDG
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Sustainability of initiatives and further development of municipal sector: representatives of partner cities gathered at PLEDDG Steering Committee meeting in Vinnytsia
PLEDDG Steering Committee meeting was focused on the discussion of sustainability mechanisms for initiatives developed together with PLEDDG. This is one of the priority tasks that will allow to continue the development of municipal sector strengthening practices in Ukraine, implement effective democratic governance and create favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses at the local, regional and national levels.
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PLEDDG Project Steering Committee meeting was held in Vinnytsia
On December 17, a meeting of PLEDDG Steering Committee was held in Vinnytsia. The parties discussed joint projects that have been implemented throughout cooperation, and common achievements. The partnership with PLEDDG allowed experts, consultants, specialists of Vinnytsia City Council and the public to elaborate a number of strategic program documents, the implementation of which creates a fundamentally new opportunities for the development in these areas.
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Vinnytsia is working on the first Social Entrepreneurship Development Program in Ukraine
On December 11, the working group meeting on the preparation of the Social Entrepreneurship Development Program was held in Vinnytsia. The group includes PLEDDG experts, representatives of public organizations, social enterprises, business associations and educational sector. Vinnytsia became the first Ukrainian city to initiate the development of a systemic document to support inclusive business.
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A meeting of the Committee on management of Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy implementation was held
There is no doubt as to the need and relevance of planning activities at the local level. Dolyna community is actively developing and implementing a strategic approach to planning sustainable territorial development. A strategic benchmark in this activity is 2027 Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy. In order to monitor the implementation of its goals, both strategic and operational, periodic monitoring of the Strategy implementation is carried out.
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How to implement strategic environmental assessment in regional and municipal economic planning. Canadian experience and support.
On March 20, 2018, Ukrainian parliament adopted the law "On strategic Environmental Assessment" No. 2354-VIII, which is one of the key requirements of the Association Agreement. The law establishes the procedure for the implementation of strategic environmental assessment, the mechanism for conducting cross-border consultations, informing about the decision and monitoring the impact of the implementation of the state planning document on the environment.
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