Implementing an “Open Government” Model and Ensuring Transparent
and Effective Decision Making by Local Government


Support of Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises Development


Improve Collaboration between Local, Regional and National Authorities
to Facilitate Decentralization and Intergovernmental Dialogue


Study Tour to Estonia: Ukrainian Cities Representatives Adopt Best E-Governance Practices
The representatives of 14 Ukrainian cities visited Estonia within the frames of a study tour organized by PLEDDG. The participants had an opportunity to get familiar with specific features of the e-governance reform that was successfully implemented in Estonia and discover instruments for optimization of local governance processes and improvement of the administrative services provision quality.
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Zhmerynka Approves 2030 City Development Strategy
Zhmerynka is now among PLEDDG partner cities that choose the path of sustainable and foreseeable progress. The members of Zhmerynka City Council approved 2030 City Development Strategy which was developed in cooperation with PLEDDG. The document meets the demands of the local community and business. The Strategy determines two key areas for development which are the strengthening of the town’s competitiveness and improvement of its citizens’ life quality.
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Business Associations Representatives Took Part in Study Tour to Toronto
The representatives of 6 business associations, which were created and supported by PLEDDG, visited Toronto (Ontario, Canada) within the frames of the Associations Capacity Building Study Tour. The participants had an opportunity to improve their management and leadership skills; get familiar with the models of efficient associations management, strategic planning instruments, methods of cooperation with authorities and fundraising.
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Success of PLEDDG- Supported Initiatives Discussed in Zaporizhia
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting of Advisory Committee on efficiency of governance and development for PLEDDG implementation in Zaporizhia. Its key objective was to discuss the outcomes of cooperation and the results of the implemented initiatives. Valerii Edeliev, Zaporizhia Deputy Mayor, managers of municipal companies and city council departments, PLEDDG representatives, business, and community joined the meeting.
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LED Professional Training Program for Civil Servants Presented in Zaporizhia Oblast
Zaporizhia State Oblast Administration hosted a “round” table discussion on “First-priority needs of local self-governance bodies in advance training”, supported by PLEDDG. The Head of Department of Foreign Relations and International Economic Activity Artur Boyko, the PLEDDG experts, community representatives, and directors of structural units of the State Oblast Administration took part in the event.
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Implementation Results of “Creating Inclusive Conditions for Young People with Severe Disability Based on Social Workshops’ Greenhouse Business” Project were summed up
The “Quadrate” Youth Center hosted a working meeting on joint policy making of Vinnytsia social entrepreneurship development, during which the results of the project “Creating inclusive conditions for young people with severe disability based on the Social Workshops’ greenhouse business” were summed up. The project is implemented by the NGO “Association for Protection of Rights and Assistance to People with Disabilities “Open Hearts” with the funds provided by PLEDDG SME Support Fund.
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PLEDDG Holds Local Economic Development Training in Vinnytsia
The PLEDDG jointly with the Center for re-training and advance training of public officials, local governance officials, officials of state enterprises, institutions and organizations of Vinnytsia oblast held LED training in Vinnytsia. Local trainers from National Academy for Public Administration under The President of Ukraine were invited to conduct the training.
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The III International Business Forum “International Cooperation: Creating Future Together” Starts in Kremenchuk
The III International Business Forum “International Cooperation: Creating Future Together” gets underway in Kremenchuk. The Forum is being held by the Kremenchuk City Council, Kremenchuk Development Institute, Kremenchuk Department of Poltava Chamber of Commerce with support from PLEDDG and the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine. It will cover such topics as current issues of modern city development, international cooperation as a catalyzer for economic development of regions and communities, tourism development as an economic priority and attractive investment sector
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