Implementing an “Open Government” Model and Ensuring Transparent
and Effective Decision Making by Local Government


Support of Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises Development


Improve Collaboration between Local, Regional and National Authorities
to Facilitate Decentralization and Intergovernmental Dialogue


Chernivtsi Nurse Opens Own “Sweet” Business
It is not only in Ukraine people are aware of “Dobre Varennia” (Good Jam) made by Chernivtsi-based, Iryna Mykyteiek. Not only does she run her own private business but she gives part of her earnings towards helping others. Mykyteiek’s participation in a training program organized in Chernivtsi with the financial support of the Canadian Government became a step forward for her. In 2017, the Canadian international technical assistance project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG) jointly with the Association of Ukrainian Cities supported the implementation of eight gender initiatives aimed at promoting women’s participation in local economic development and reducing gender inequality in terms of access to economic resources and public benefits.
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PLEDDG Partner Cities to Borrow from Polish Best Practices in Social Entrepreneurship and Women Entrepreneurship
From February 18 to February 24, 2018, in partnership with the Polish Solidarity Fund and with the support of the Government of Canada, PLEDDG Project led a study tour to Poland for representatives of local governments, business associations and small and medium-sized businesses from partner cities. The purpose of the study tour was to get familiar with the realities of Polish reforms and best practices in social entrepreneurship and women’s business.
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Training on Administrative Service Centers for PLEDDG Partner Cities
On February 21-22, 2018, PLEDDG Project organized a training session for representatives of local governments and Administrative Service Centers from partner cities on “Practical Aspects of Due Administrative Service Center Functioning” with the aim to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experience in the context of the delivery of public services and Administrative Service Center’s operation.
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Automated System of Municipal Statistics as a State-of-the-art Municipal Governance Instrument
ASMS was developed for AUC by the international technical assistance project “Ukraine Municipal Local Economic Development Program” (MLED Project), which was being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities 2010–2015. Throughout the year 2017, the activities on support of ASMS have been scaled up, and a number of measures for its sustainable growth have been jointly carried out by AUC and PLEDDG
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“Inclusion 2017” International Online Campaign
PLEDDG Project joined the “Inclusion 2017” International Online Campaign with the hashtags #Inclusion2Me and #InclusionMeans. The campaign was launched by the Government of Canada to draw the world community’s attention to global problems such as the rise of populism, xenophobia and extremism, to push respective social media discussions forward, and to further elaborate the policies and programs aimed at facilitating inclusion in the society.
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