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Ukrainian municipalities are learning to master new tools for collecting money for their budgets, in particular through renting out property. Participants of the online training “Rental of Communal Property: Legal Procedure and the First Results”, which took place on October 30, were shown the opportunities provided by the Prozorro.Sale system.

Experts from both the state and independent electronic platforms shared their experience in conducting the procedure of renting out state and municipal property: Vladyslav Uryvskyi, project manager of Prozorro.Sale, an expert on rental of state and municipal, and Alina Kanevska, head of e-auctions at the E-Tender platform, an expert on privatization and rental of state and municipal property.

According to the expert of the online training Alina Kanevska:

“Over the past six months, legislation on the rental of state and municipal property has gradually come into force, ranging from the law to bylaws that regulate the entire rental procedure. Now, all the necessary regulations are in force and the functionality of the Prozorro.Sale system allows you to publish items from the Lists, as well as create auctions, sign agreements to extend rent at auctions. This was proven by the first successful cases from large cities such as Kyiv or Dnipro to small cities and town councils, which contributed to their budgets by renting out municipal property. In particular, a webinar was devoted to the review of the rental procedure and the first results of the auctions.”

The webinar was attended by more than 20 local self-government officials, as well as representatives of asset holders from Chernihiv, Melitopol, Myrhorod, Khmilnyk, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Horishni Plavni, Kremenchuk, Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih, Popasna, Zhmerynka, Yaremche, Lviv, Sarny, and others.

Valentyna Buyna, a leading specialist of the Hrebinka City Council, shared her impressions of participating in the webinar:

“An incredibly interesting and informative training from experts in the field of state property rental. Experience and advice on the practical application of rental legislation through the analysis of sample lots and common mistakes were very valuable.”

The experts of the training together with the participants discussed a number of important issues that, according to the law, regulate the procedure of state and municipal property rental: types of property planned for rental, principles of formation and the procedure for inclusion; terms and procedure of preparation of an item for the auction; disclosure of information as the main principle of a successful auction; publication of the items on an electronic platform; the procedure for initiating and conducting an auction; types and sequence of auctions on Prozorro.Sale; registration of applications for participation, the procedure, and its responsible parties.

The experts paid extra attention to the practical components of the participation of municipalities in the process of renting and registering facilities on electronic platforms, as well as the issue of preferential rent and a simplified procedure for concluding a contract, as well as extending it.

“This training is very relevant right now because, in fact, those responsible for renting communal property do not have the necessary skills,” said Nataliya Oliynyk, Chief Specialist of the Economic Development Department of Chortkiv City Council. “The training from PLEDDG provided us with the opportunity to increase our knowledge, reduce the risk of potential mistakes, as well as added confidence in our further work.”

Increasing the transparency of municipalities and bolstering the city and community budgets with additional resources are two important factors supported by PLEDDG. Thanks to the timely increase in competencies and mastering of new tools of development, the city or the community are presented with an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage and to increase the influx to its budget.