On October 17, 2017, Poltava hosted an International Economic Forum titled “Poltava Region: Creating New Opportunities Together”. The Forum was organized with the support of PLEDDG Project. Its main goal was to foster international economic integration development, business networking, demonstrate an economic and investment potential of Poltava region, its current capacity and prospects for development, raising region’s competitive ability both at the national and international levels

(Українська) 27-28 липня 2017 р. у м. Києві відбувся тренінг для представників ЗМІ з міст-партнерів Проекту ПРОМІС на тему: «Журналістська діяльність, що заслуговує на довіру й повагу: нові та традиційні медіа-технології, робота з посадовими особами органів місцевого самоврядування».

In the spring of 2017, AUC jointly with PLEDDG Project announced a call for short-term gender initiatives, which will enhance women’s involvement in local economic development processes. The total budget of the funding within the call is worth UAH 600,000.00. A specially created committee selected 8 projects out of 38 projects received, which will be launched as early as July 2017

As part of PLEDDG Project, from May 27 till June 5, 2017 mayors of 6 PLEDDG partner cities were in Canada on a local governance study tour. The aim of the study tour was to showcase Canadian good governance models and best practices, with a particular focus on the rule of law, strategic planning of city development, citizen engagement, favorable business climate and local economic development.

Incorporation of environment protection measures into local governments’ activities and environmental sustainability issue into cities’ development programs with the aim of fostering sustainable development of the territorial communities are high on the agenda of the Environmental Sustainability Section of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC). On May 31, 2017 the Section gathered in Zaporizhia for a working meeting to discuss the key issues of environmental sustainability.

On April 28, 2017, with support from PLEDDG Project and Horishni Plavni City Council, a Union of SME Exporters was created at a founding conference in Horishni Plavni. The purpose of such a union is to combine efforts and resources of current and potential exporters among small and medium enterprises from different regions of Ukraine in order to raise competitive capacity of their members in entering new markets both at home and abroad, establish contacts with international partners, attract resources for export development.

In 2017-2018 PLEDDG Project is set to to develop an online training course on SME competitive capacity building. Also, PLEDDG’s Democratic Governance and Development Initiatives Support Fund will become an important element of PLEDDG cooperation with its partner cities. It will go along with development and implementation of communications strategies, enhancement of cooperation with media, study tours to Canada and Poland