Easing of quarantine restrictions and gradual return to the usual rhythm of life does not cancel new realities that have become the consequence of the COVID-19 spread on the territory of Ukraine. PLEDDG has purchased PPEs for partner-cities for a total amount of over UAH 1.6 million. The list includes: disposable medical masks, rubber gloves, antiseptics and disinfectants.

With the support of PLEDDG, Myrhorod FM station was launched on June 1. From now on, citizens and residents of territorial communities of Myrhorod district can get up-to-date information about important decisions of the local authorities, learn about main news and events on the local FM station for free.

With the support of PLEDDG, Berdyansk has developed the investment passport of the city. The document will help to bring relations with investors to a new level by optimizing the processes of communication and cooperation with them.