According to Ukrinform, this was reported by the Department of Mass Media and Public Relations of the Vinnytsia City Council.

“We, Ukrainians, tend to think critically and distrust new, not yet understood initiatives. And it is not always easy to be a pioneer. It is significant in this respect that Vinnytsia was the first to develop such a large-scale project as the city hospitality standard. I am sure that balance and perseverance on the way to the goal will give life to many metamorphoses in the tourism sector of the city and region. Especially since the modern tourist is quite knowledgeable and experienced, and therefore, demanding. We must constantly develop to meet their expectations,” said the co-developer of Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard – standard creation and implementation specialist Oksana Marusych.

According to her, Vinnytsia is a comfortable and cozy city that has competitive advantages and prerequisites that allow it to move away from the old models of communication in the field of hospitality and build a new service communication with tourists.

The main components of the Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard are a list of values ​​of its adherents, attention to detail, as well as eight steps to the heart of guests: first contact, creating comfort, showing interest in the guest, creating an atmosphere of leisure, demonstrating love for the hometown, willingness to help, encouraging return visits, and bidding a friendly farewell.

The Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard was developed by experts together with local restaurateurs and hoteliers within the framework of the project “Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard: A Program to Strengthen the Competitiveness of the Vinnytsia Tourism Industry”. It is designed to promote a high level of service in the hotel and restaurant sector of Vinnytsia with an emphasis on the special quality of local products.

The Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard has already been presented to the representatives of hospitality and tourism businesses. Next year, a memorandum of its ambassadors and pioneers is going to be signed. Soon, the development of clear rules for the implementation and monitoring of the Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard will begin, as well as the emergence of a system of incentives and promotion, a plan for training and verification of the elements of the standard, including the development of welcome books of the involved establishments. In case of compliance with the standard, an institution will receive the award “Guests Friendly” with the logo of the Vinnytsia Hospitality Standard.

The project was implemented with the support of the Government of Canada through the SME Development Fund of the international technical assistance project Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance (PLEDDG) and with the support of Vinnytsia City Council.