Today, on July 1, the event hall of the “Knyzhka” office block hosted the roundtable meeting on the use of ETC “ProZorro.Sale” for sales of small privatization objects and lease of utility property. The event welcomed Deputy Director of RSA Department for International Cooperation and Regional Development Nadia Nasikovska, Acting General Director of SE “PROZORRO.SALE” Oleksiy Soboliev, Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group Ihor Lepyoshkin, representatives of e-commerce platforms, and representatives of local government of the region.

Zaporizhia hosted a two-day media training during which Ukrainian and world-renowned journalists were teaching local mass media representatives to disclose propaganda false reports and verify the politicians’ declarations, frequently conflicting with reality.

On July 10, the meeting of the task team on Myrhorod city marketing strategy took place. Having introduced the task team members to the attendees, Ihor Liepioshkin, PLEDDG Key Expert and Team Leader, told them about the experience of the Project implementation in other Ukrainian cities.

On July 6, 2018, the Khmilnyk City Council conference hall hosted a presentation of focus-group studies generated as a result of communication with various target groups in the framework of the “Khmilnyk for Tourism: Breaking the Ground” project.

Today, on July 5, the city council conference hall hosted the Working Group’s first meeting on development of marketing strategy with support of the international technical aid project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Project) being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by Global Affairs Canada.

Today, on July 5, 2018, at 11 a.m., the Zmerynka City Council hosted the Working Group’s first meeting on a city development strategy, which was opened by Ihor Lepyoshkin, PLEDDG Senior Expert and Head of Experts Group, and Olha Borovska, Deputy Mayor on Humanitarian Affairs.

Оn June 26, the Draft Berdyansk Development Strategy 2027 was presented at public hearings. The event was held in great hall of the T.H. Shevchenko Community Center. It welcomed the city council deputies, representatives of enterprises and organizations, industrial sector, transport, sanatorium-and-health-resort and recreation centers, utility companies, representatives of NGOs, urban district committees, and residents of the city to take part therein.