On December 17, a meeting of PLEDDG Steering Committee was held in Vinnytsia. The parties discussed joint projects that have been implemented throughout cooperation, and common achievements. The partnership with PLEDDG allowed experts, consultants, specialists of Vinnytsia City Council and the public to elaborate a number of strategic program documents, the implementation of which creates a fundamentally new opportunities for the development in these areas.

There is no doubt as to the need and relevance of planning activities at the local level. Dolyna community is actively developing and implementing a strategic approach to planning sustainable territorial development. A strategic benchmark in this activity is 2027 Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy. In order to monitor the implementation of its goals, both strategic and operational, periodic monitoring of the Strategy implementation is carried out.

On March 20, 2018, Ukrainian parliament adopted the law "On strategic Environmental Assessment" No. 2354-VIII, which is one of the key requirements of the Association Agreement. The law establishes the procedure for the implementation of strategic environmental assessment, the mechanism for conducting cross-border consultations, informing about the decision and monitoring the impact of the implementation of the state planning document on the environment.

PLEDDG Sustainability Strategy in Poltava was developed in close cooperation with the members of the Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development, created for PLEDDG implementation in the city, local deputies and City Council representatives, businesses and public. Interaction with partners for the purposes of Sustainability Strategy implementation provides an opportunity to analyze and determine which initiatives, projects and knowledge gained through information and competence development products within PLEEDG are important for ensuring long-term sustainability in the Ukrainian context and in what ways they should be disseminated in the future.

Myrhorod Marketing Strategy was approved at the Session meeting of Myrhorod City Council. The development of the document was a requirement for the implementation of at least two goals of the approved Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Myrgorod Subregion, namely "Investment Marketing of the Subregion” and "Marketing and Branding of the "Myrgorod" Resort”.

SME-forum Poltava Biznesova took place in Poltava within the frames of the Second Industrial Week National initiative and with the support of PLEDDG. The event gathered regional business community representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises, trade representatives of embassies, experts of international projects and institutions, representatives of local authorities (PLEDDG partner cities amalgamated territorial communities), representatives of chambers of commerce, local development institutions, and scientists.

As far as Cherniiv and Pidluzhzhia joined Ivano-Frankivsk City Council the necessity of taking into account community’s needs appeared. Such proposals on adjustments and amendments to the existing Implementation Plan for 2018-2020 City Development Strategy were discussed at the session where Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Analyzed City Development Strategy Initiatives and Projects Implementation for І Half of 2019 Year

Mykolaiv Women School Graduates attended networking and educational event. Future tour guides had an opportunity to talk to managers of leading travel companies in Mykolaiv oblast as well as to the representatives of partner organizations. School’s trainees took part in the highlight tour from “Artil”, a local company producing passenger vessels for river cruises and short sea trips. After that, they continued informal communication and exchanged their experience.