The creation of the physical space became a logical continuation of the project “Business Incubator for the Development of Women’s Initiatives in Kremenchuk” aimed at helping local entrepreneurs of all genders, which has been implemented with the support of PLEDDG in the framework of the SME Fund.

The Business Incubator is located in the business center of Kremenchuk, has a coworking space and special rooms for training, meetings, and negotiations. Coordinators and residents of the incubator define it as a place of knowledge, help, finding business partners, and personal development.

In addition to promoting and supporting micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Kremenchuk, the Business Incubator promotes the creation of a cluster of socially active entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on inclusive and women’s business and the implementation of a win-win strategy in building a business community.

Hanna Tymophiyenko, co-coordinator of the Business Incubator and member of the NGO “Divergent Woman” said:

“Our goal was to create a space where experienced entrepreneurs and beginners can feel the same vibe, get support or advice. Besides, it used to be necessary to go to another city to study business, which is difficult to combine with family responsibilities and running your own business. Now, this opportunity is for everyone — we regularly hold training events, both online and offline”

The space of the business hub gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to network, hold strategic sessions, share experiences, conduct business training, meet-ups, and implement mentoring programs. The Business Incubator can be used for coworking. According to the project coordinators, this is especially important, for example, for mothers-entrepreneurs who can now conduct their negotiations or implement business plans in a comfortable and convenient place, without being distracted by issues that inevitably surround a woman at home.

Currently, the Business Incubator in Kremenchuk works according to the lockdown restrictions, and the planned training program “Business School for Women Vol. 2” was launched online.

Yuliya Tsybulska, head of the NGO “Divergent Woman” told about the plans of the Business Incubator:

“Now our goal is to get into the planned work schedule as actively as possible because we have very high expectations from local entrepreneurs. We are supported by active citizens, business owners with a social position, young creators of business ideas, and this is the most important thing because the space was created to unite and strengthen entrepreneurs, increase their independence, and establish a friendly business climate in the city.”

The coordinators of the space note that right now there is a great demand for knowledge about doing business, or its reorientation given the challenges of the pandemic. At the same time, there is a demand from young people to provide support for startup projects in the field of digital technologies, IT, and more.

“It is very important that the educational business space that was created in Kremenchuk emphasizes an innovative approach to doing business and building the community,” said Maryna Rudnytska, a resident of the Business Incubator. “Since the creation of a friendly, cooperative environment, instead of competition and isolation, ultimately brings better results for everyone.”

Very soon the space will be filled with meetings and dialog, creative ideas, and mutual assistance of Kremenchuk entrepreneurs. PLEDDG thanks its partners for the implementation of an incredibly relevant project for the development of a favorable business environment, for the city and the region as a whole. We are confident that the practice of supporting spaces aimed at building business communities will serve as a good example for other cities in Ukraine.