With the support of PLEDDG the AUC staged its third competition of short-term gender initiatives aimed at promoting women’s involvement in local economic development. One of the winners is a project designed to enhance the impact of local decision-making by women from the Hoshcha District and the Smyha United Territorial Community of the Rivne Region

2020 brought new opportunities for gifted natives of Kremenchuk when the ArtElf Creative Arts Studio opened in May. It was launched thanks to the efforts of the Centre for Innovation and Social and Business Initiatives, with the support of Kremenchuk City Hall and PLEDDG

With the backing of PLEDDG, Promprylad Renovation has provided an integrated solution for communication problems experienced in the creative industry. The Lokkі platform will subsequently promote the networking of business owners in various creative spaces in Ukraine and beyond. It will help establish dialogues, serve as a marketing tool and, most importantly, facilitate new partnerships, the creation of specialized clusters

Effective democratic governance involves public reporting to community members by local governments on various aspects of their activities. With the aforementioned in mind, the Local Budget Transparency Assessment Methodology was developed in 2017. PLEDDG immediately joined in the process of assessing the openness of local governments

A quarter of all Ukrainian sweet cherries are grown in the Zaporizhia region, with more than half of local cherry orchards located in Melitopol District. Official registration of the appellation of prosuct`s origin was finalized in September 2020, which means that the Melitopol sweet cherry has become an international brand – the first Ukrainian fruit entitled to recognition in the European Union