Effective democratic governance involves public reporting to community members by local governments on various aspects of their activities. With the aforementioned in mind, the Local Budget Transparency Assessment Methodology was developed in 2017. PLEDDG immediately joined in the process of assessing the openness of local governments

A quarter of all Ukrainian sweet cherries are grown in the Zaporizhia region, with more than half of local cherry orchards located in Melitopol District. Official registration of the appellation of prosuct`s origin was finalized in September 2020, which means that the Melitopol sweet cherry has become an international brand – the first Ukrainian fruit entitled to recognition in the European Union

Traditional mass media are rapidly transforming in Ukraine much like elsewhere in the world, as online resources — and social networks in particular — are expanding their share of the media market. Yet radio still remains hugely popular, with more than 90% of Ukrainians relying on nationwide radio stations and over 22% on regional radio stations for news coverage in 2019 . Previously, the decades old, legacy wired radio network used to account for a substantial share of radio broadcasts received by households in Ukraine, but demand for wired broadcasts shrunk once and for all in the face of rapidly evolving new technologies.

PLEDDG developed the AUC Regional Office Development Strategy after analyzing the organizational structure of the regional offices of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC), with the intention of defining a new and more effective role for ROs in promoting the development of cities. The Luhansk Regional Office of the AUC provided the most stellar performance of all the pilot regions supported by PLEDDG

In June 2018, Yaremche launched the project titled “Introducing Principles of Openness and Transparency as a Guarantee of Dialogue Between Government and the Public”, which was initiated by the executive committee of the City Council and implemented under the auspices of PLEDDG’s Democratic Governance and Development Initiatives Support Fund. The main achievements of this initiative include a fully refurbished hall for the Yaremche City Council and installation of the Rada Holos electronic voting system