The success of the continued development of territorial communities in Ukraine and transformational processes largely depend on human resources, in terms of both their professionalism and worldview, to work under the new conditions. The PLEDDG Project consistently helps partner cities to competently build cooperation between different levels of government, and strengthens the potential of the municipal sector in Ukraine.

In May 2019, Vinnytsia unveiled a new city brand created under the auspices of PLEDDG. The brand concept is encapsulated in the slogan “Vinnytsia – a City of Ideas”. The designers aptly highlighted the fact that Vinnytsia is a city with a tremendous potential where any ideas can flourish into a successful business or public initiative in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Business Women’s Space is the first co-working center committed to supporting social innovations, women’s entrepreneurship and startup campaigns. Since it opened in Zaporizhia in 2019, it has had more than 700 visitors during its first 8 months. The co-working space was created by the NGO Center for Career Development “Professionals” under the auspices of the Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance international technical assistance project (PLEDDG) through its SME Development Fund

As part of the decentralization reform, Ukraine has already created near 800 administrative services centres. One good example is the administrative services centre of Poltava City Council, which increased the number of services offered to clients 20 times, and the number of administrators 5 times over the past 7 years alone. A number of particularly important upgrades have been implemented with the financial support of the PLEDDG Project as part of the Democratic Governance and Development Initiatives Support Fund.