Source: Zaporizhia Regional State Administration

foto-29In the framework of III International Forum “InCoForum-2018”, “Kozak-Palace” exhibition center hosted an opening of trade shows such as “Cooperation between Territorial Communities”, “Construction and Energy Saving”, and “Made in Zaporizhia”.

The solemn ceremony welcomed the participation of the Zinaida Boyko, Chief of RSA’s staff, Volodymyr Shamilov, Chairman of Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Oleksii Ivanchenko, Director of UkraineInvest Representative Office in Eastern Ukraine.

– The exhibition of amalgamated territorial communities has been an important part of InCoForum for the second consecutive year already. It is no secret that the decentralization reform in Ukraine is one of the most successful initiatives. Today, the region has already had 51 amalgamated community, and every time we speak to their leaders, we realize the communities are developing year by year, with new projects being implemented. I am pleased at that each participant has certain achievements and can tell about them here. Definitely, we would like investors to pay their attention to such achievements, – Zinaida Boyko said.

The exhibition “Cooperation between Territorial Communities” presents the projects of Zaporizhia region’s amalgamated territorial communities. Here, such cities as Berdiansk, Energodar and Melitopol, and Bilenkivska, Dolynska, Huliaipilska, Kyrylivska, Pavlivska, Plodorodnenska and many other amalgamated territorial communities of the region show their potential and the projects that are eligible for becoming an interest of prospective investors.
Zaporizhia Region Information Stand is a central location of the exhibition. It is here where the video presentations of investment projects of amalgamated territorial communities are being demonstrated. Using a custom-designed interactive voting system, everyone can vote for the project at his or her choice.

The exhibition “Construction and Energy Saving” is the 15th interregional trade show of prospective suppliers of goods and services for communities. The undertakings from Dnipro, Zaporizhia, and Kyiv offer the goods and services on installation of the latest systems of energy saving, heating, lighting, alternative energy solutions, conditioning and ventilation, provision of amenities and engineering. The participants include Melitopol’s “SWAG-boilers” plant, which is a recognized leader in the field of production of solid fuel combustion appliances, “Domokomplekt” Company, which a Uktrainian producer of integrated building structures, “Svitlotekhnika” Zaporizhia Plant, “Teplostar” Engineering Center, etc.

The display “Made in Zaporizhia” is an exhibition project implemented with participation of Zaporizhia City Council as part of the program on support of Zaporizhia SME which has been traditionally implemented as part of the trade shows hosted in “Kozak-Palace” EC.

This time, the goods of own production are shown by Zaporizhia companies operating in such sectors as technologies and robotics of welding processes (“Triada-Welding”), manufacturing of electrical equipment (“Leader Electriyk” plant), design for industries (“GIPROPROM Bud” Group of Design Institutes”), engineering innovative solution (“Sintech” Company), production of bread and bakery products (“Urozhai” (Harvest) Company), and many others giving occasion for everyone to be proud of Zaporizhia entrepreneurs.

It bears reminding that “InCoForum-2018” has been organized by the RSA, Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhia Region in close cooperation with such partners as the international technical aid project “Partnership for Local Economic Development” (PLEDDG Project), “U-LEAD with Europe” program, and UkraineInvest Zaporizhia Center for Local Governance Development. The grand investment forum opens on October 12 at “Cossack-Palace” Exhibition Centre.