Source: Novyny Poltavshyny

1Poltava marketing strategy was developed with the support of the international technical assistance project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Project). Presented document contains the main provisions on effective and representative positioning of the city. Namely, methodological approaches and description of the marketing strategy development, the vision of Poltava as an object of marketing, prerequisites for marketing strategy development, the results of research of the local image, Poltava brand concept, the structure of the marketing strategy and the following action plan, the city positioning, brand promotion, marketing communication, implementation and monitoring of the marketing strategy realization.

According to Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert/Program Lead, PLEDDG Project, the document, which represents Poltava marketing strategy is the result of a year of quite powerful work.

“We, the representatives of PLEDDG Project, have provided a methodological support for this work, and what is laid in the content is the result of discussions at numerous meetings, which include both interesting initiatives, and comments, which were taken into account, as well as shortcomings. This is a draft document, so we are open to all suggestions or recommendations. The marketing strategy is actually just the first step on the way of implementing Poltava branding. We have identified several target groups at which the main marketing activity will be directed. We have formed the brand’s meaning not only as a specific visualization, but also as a symbol that carries an important meaning for people and meets their expectations. In the future, we might determine what steps should be taken to implement the presented strategy, because Poltava, especially from the tourist point of view, is an undervalued pearl of Ukraine,” Ihor Lepyoshkin stressed.

Igor Lepyoshkin also noted that an important component of the strategy was the positioning of the city, so PLEDDG Project will finance the development of Poltava logo.

According to the results of research, which covers the local community, Ukrainians and foreigners, experts have determined that the city has a defined-neutral image of the tourist destination, which needs to be changed for the better. The following main target groups, for the promotion of the city as a marketing product, have been defined:

  • residents of the city, including employees, which is a necessary condition for the operation of existing enterprises, primarily in the processing industry;
  • tourists and visitors to the city (business and private visitors), since there is a need to increase the volume of tourist flows;
  • business representatives, domestic and foreign investors as a lever of influence on the creation of new jobs.

PLEDDG project consultant Volodymyr Proskurin told about the components of the city’s brand concept, namely: the main features of the city’s identity, the key idea of the brand, the values of the city’s brand, the description of the brand’s significance for various stakeholders, visual and verbal attributes of the design of Poltava brand.

In particular, the consultant focused on the main features of the city’s identity, including: historical events and famous people; cultural heritage, literature and spirituality; architecture of the city center, Krugla Plosha (round square), Bila Altanka (white gazebo); green, ecofriendly city; cozy city with a quiet rhythm of life; local cuisine and gastronomy.

The experts also presented strategic goals for city positioning and brand promotion.

In the future, the draft marketing strategy should be adopted at the local level and work will be directed towards its implementation.