With the support of PLEDDG, Myrhorod FM station was launched on June 1. From now on, citizens and residents of territorial communities of Myrhorod district can get up-to-date information about important decisions of the local authorities, learn about main news and events on the local FM station for free. To implement the initiative, PLEDDG has purchased all the necessary technical equipment.

 You can now listen to “Myrhorod” every day at 07.00, 12.00 and 17.00 on the frequency of 96.9 MHz. The launch of local FM station has helped to meet citizens` information needs. Gaps in the communication of local authorities with the public have arisen due to a striking reduction in the number of radio outlets of paid wired radio.

 Work on the implementation of the project was carried out systematically. All the necessary procedures provided for by the law were taken into account.