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Over the past year, business incubators have begun to emerge in Ukrainian cities, creating a favorable environment for business development. Kremenchuk is no exception.

Last year ‘Divergent Woman’ NGO, which is engaged in the development of women’s entrepreneurship, submitted a project proposal for creation of a business incubator for the development of women’s initiatives in Kremenchuk for the competition under PLEDDG SME Development Fund and received funding for the project.

What kind of project is this?

The ‘Business incubator for the development of women’s initiatives in Kremenchuk’ project is a new and innovative institution for Kremenchuk that will develop and scale up micro, small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on women’s entrepreneurship.

What is the goal of the project?

The goal is to create a cluster of socially active women who make their own decisions and are able to cooperate by providing tools for achieving economic and financial independence, increasing the share of working women and creating additional jobs through the development and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship and mentoring in the region.

What are the project objectives?

  1. Promote women’s business in Kremenchuk.
  1. Adapt business education course for women and provide free training on the basics of running your own business.
  1. Create the first business incubator for the development of women’s initiatives in the city, which will become a place for obtaining knowledge, assistance, finding business partners and self-development.
  1. Establish cooperation among entrepreneurs based on the win-win strategy.

Who coordinates the project in Kremenchuk?

Yulia Tsybulska who is a graduate and Ambassador of the ‘Innovative entrepreneurship and education in Ukraine’ program (MASHAV, Israel). Founder of the ‘Divergent Education’ educational hub and UNIYA IT Agency, Chairman of the ‘Divergent Woman’ NGO.

Anna Tymofienko who has 10 years of experience in business, owns and runs beauty salons  and four brands, business coach, mentor, teacher in the business school for women’s leadership.

Project announcement video from Yulia Tsybulska and Anna Tymofienko:

More information about the project can be found on the website.