The most anticipated event for businesswomen, the VinLadyFest Business Forum was held in Vinnytsia with the support of PLEDDG. For the fourth time, the event gathered entrepreneurial women who run their own businesses from all over Ukraine.

Greeting the participants were the city mayor Serhiy Morhunov, PLEDDG consultant on gender issues Svitlana Khodakova, PLEDDG Senior Expert in Business Development Vitaliy Bokhniak.

The forum is organized by the Ukrainian platform Women in Business, which unites ambitious women who run their own business with the aim to learn and implement joint projects.

“Any project implemented by women means new jobs, the development of our city, region, country. Women’s entrepreneurship is the driving force that helps the economies of countries to develop faster. Studying the phenomenon of women’s entrepreneurship at the invitation of the PLEDDG Project in Canada, we were presented with a study that clearly stated that in countries with higher levels of women’s entrepreneurship, where women are represented in the top management of large companies, social standards are much higher than in those countries where women are less self-fulfilled and do not engage in entrepreneurial activity. Therefore, let’s develop together and develop our country” said in her welcoming speech Nadia Lysetska, initiator and organizer of the VinLadyFest Women Business Forum, founder of the “Women in Business” Ukrainian Platform, President of Vinnytsia Business People Club.

The speakers familiarized the participants with inspiring cases and shared useful knowledge. The issues of competition, leadership, victories, and defeats as an integral part of the career path were discussed as well.

“Events of this format are a necessary prerequisite for the development of women’s entrepreneurship because they help to spread this idea in society. The active and wide involvement of women in entrepreneurial activity, without a doubt, gives a good impetus to the development of the country’s economy. However, women’s entrepreneurship is also about values and the creation of equal conditions and opportunities for doing business for both men and women, as well as overcoming stereotypes that are no longer relevant in today’s world, “said Vitaliy Bokhniak, PLEDDG Senior Expert in Business Development.

For five years, PLEDDG has been helping to reduce gender inequality through the active involvement of women in economic development and policy-making at the local level. VinLadyFest Women’s Business Forum is one of the few platforms that allows women to find useful partnerships, be inspired by successful practices, and promote women’s entrepreneurship in Ukraine.