Source: Poltava ODTRK “Ltava”

Training for the representatives of amalgamated territorial communities was conducted in Poltava, where they learned how to apply for and get funds from the state. From developing the project ideas to the technical process of payment from the Fund for Regional Development. The training was organized by PLEDDG Project experts. This is an international technical assistance project. You will find out the ideal model of cooperation together with PTN journalists.

Based on the three examples the trainer presents the ways of getting funds from the Fund for Regional Development. River crossing or boiler house working on the straw – it is important to develop the territory. The repairs of the roof are less likely to be financed now.

Vasyl Kashevskyi: Before 2014 the resources of the Fund were allocated in the way that one or two oblasts were receiving 70 per cent, and the remaining funds were going to the rest. Now the resources are allocated in proportion to the population of Ukraine.

At present funds for development are received not only by few oblasts in the East of Ukraine, they tell on the training. In Khorol rayon, for example, they bought a school bus and spent half a million on equipping the artesian well in 2014.

Lesya Lopata: About 800 people did not have the water tower and well. It costs 10 000 UAH for one person to set a well. The project was developed on the basis of this problem.

It should be understandable and demonstrate the readiness for change. In 2015 the roads in Poltava were repaired, and for 2017 they will ask to finance tiding up of these roads. The invoice for tens of millions.

Yuriy Levchenko: This year significant funds were allocated for road repairs, therefore, at present additional machinery is needed. Main focus will be on the machinery for cleaning and servicing the roads which we will repair.

The representatives of the newly created amalgamated communities were trained for two days. The training was conducted by local governance experts.