Source: Berdiansk City Council


Berdiansk SMEs competitive advantage enhancement for 2019-2021 program was adopted at a regular session of the city council. While developing the Program, local potential, regional and national priorities, as well as European and worldwide trends in small entrepreneurship development were mapped out and considered. The Executive Committee specialists in economic development management together with PLEDDG experts carried out a research and held a survey for entrepreneurs’ opinion to find out what problems and expectations they had, what business demanded from power, and in what way power could be useful for them.

The Program correlates with Berdiansk Development Strategy for 2027, national priorities on small and medium entrepreneurship development, and is created based on European business principles: support for business, including start-ups, development of business-and-power communications, implementation of the mechanisms promoting demand for local manufacturers’ products.

The Program premises on comparative studies of Berdiansk’s strengths and weaknesses, based on which there were identified seven priority areas of business activity:

– Promotion of entrepreneurship;
– Simplification of fulfillment of administrative requirements;
– Improvement of communications;
– Facilitated access to funding;
– Facilitated entry into new markets;
– Facilitated staff training and innovations;
– Support for ecological initiatives.

In the frameworks of these areas, in three years’ time, it is proposed to accomplish 25 projects, which, in the authors’ opinion, accumulate Berdiansk’s strengths for entrepreneurship development.
The Executive Committee of Berdiansk City Council keeps working to achieve higher qualitative indicators and create better conditions for business activity.