Source – Official Website of Khmilnyk

Khmilnyk City Council hosts a two-day training session on “Gender-oriented budgeting under present-day conditions” for directors of structural units of the municipal council and Sokoliv “starosta district”, and for community members.

The training is delivered on the initiative of “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Project) and is aimed at implementing measures in gender-oriented budgeting sector in the territory of Khmilnyk municipal amalgamated territorial community.

Tamara Ohorodova has been engaged as a trainer, as she has got significant experience in this field. On behalf of PLEDDG Project, the process is coordinated by Svitlana Zhavoronkova, PLEDDG Gender Equality Consultant, and by Oksana Bondar, PLEDDG Project Coordinator in Vinnytsia region.

For reference:

Gender-oriented budgeting (GOB) is a method which means application of an integrated gender approach to budget policy and budgeting process both at national and local levels, which includes allocation of budget funds according to the gender principle and contributes to enhancing transparency and accountability.

GOB is a budgeting method which focuses on specific categories of people: men and women from various social and demographic groups. The key components of the gender-oriented budgeting include:

  1. gender budget analysis;
  2. amendments made to programs and budgets;
  3. a systemic integration of GOB into budgeting process.

Gender budget analysis is a key component of the implementation process related to gender-oriented budgeting.