Source – Melitopol City Council

70681855_2361735910528946_2785556114186436608_nOn September 12, the Advisory Committee on Effective Governance and Development held an extended session on “Planning sustainability of PLEDDG Project implementation results”. Its aim was to discuss the outcomes of the initiatives and projects implemented with support from PLEDDG Project in Melitopol in terms of their sustainability.

The attendees teamed up to evaluate the initiatives and projects which are being implemented in our city with support from PLEDDG Project as well as to outline the further plans.

As the First Deputy Mayor Iryna Rudakova noted: “thanks to cooperation with PLEDDG Project, Melitopol has got its marketing strategy, the city becomes a brand, the program for promotion of products to external markets has been adopted, the relevant instruments are being created for investment attraction, 2030 City Development Strategy has been adopted, and our citizens have become active assistants in implementing the initiatives on the city’s sustainable development due to the Melitopol’s institute of Ambassadors”.

Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert, Head of Experts Group of PLEDDG Project, made a point that it was not only implementation that mattered for the success of the joint projects and initiatives carried out in partner cities but also their sustainability did. There were currently about 14 initiatives being implemented in Melitopol. They are aimed at democratic governance development and promotion of the city, investment attractiveness improvement, creation of a favourable business climate, and ensuring gender equality in all areas of life, etc.

Volodymyr Proskurnin, PLEDDG Consultant, reported on the Action Plan progress status in Melitopol. The further areas of cooperation were discussed as well.