Source: Zhmerynka.City

In Zhmerynka, all educational institutions are to receive waste separation containers.

26 large blue, green and brown containers with a volume of 120 liters have already been distributed to all secondary-level education institutions, with 14 grey, green, and yellow containers with a volume of 50 liters installed in pre-school educational institutions.


The similar containers will soon be installed in other Zhmerynka’s public institutions, such as the territorial center, labour and social security department, social hostel, music school, Administrative Services Center, sports school, family reading library, etc.

The Head of Economic Department of Zhmerynka City Council, Anatolii Konoval, said that the city had received a financial grant from PLEDDG Project to purchase 170 waste separation bins to be installed in public institutions.


The Head of Educational Department of Zhmerynka City Council, Alina Tverdokhlib, pointed out that starting from kindergarten, children would be taught to sort out garbage and explained the waste sorting process.

All containers placed in education centers will be labelled with information on their content. There will be three types of waste containers: for paper, plastic, and glass.

It is worth mentioning that many educational institutions in Zhmerynka, as well as Zhmerynka City Council, have special containers for used batteries, which are collected and taken away for recycling by special companies.