On December 11, the working group meeting on the preparation of the Social Entrepreneurship Development Program was held in Vinnytsia City Council. The group includes PLEDDG experts, representatives of public organizations, social enterprises, business associations and educational sector. Vinnytsia became the first Ukrainian city to initiate the development of a systemic document to support inclusive business.

The meeting was preceded by focus groups and interviews, on the basis of which preliminary proposals for the content of the Program were formed. At the meeting, the participants discussed possible priorities and directions for the development of inclusive business, as well as got acquainted with the current state and topical issues of social entrepreneurs in the city.

Constant and consistent support for social business is a common practice across the globe. In Europe, inclusive business accounts for about ten percent of all businesses, and this figure is increasing every year. Today we are beginning active work on the creation of the first Social Entrepreneurship Development Program in Ukraine. We hope that the result of this work will become an example for other Ukrainian cities and will encourage them to develop this sphere actively, — commented Vitalii Bokhniak, Senior Expert in Business Development, PLEDDG.

The program is developed with the support of PLEDDG and involves a step-by-step approach to creating a favorable ecosystem for the development of inclusive business in the city. At the same time, the focus will be both on creating new enterprises, and on maintaining the sustainable activities of those that already exist. The document will consider social business as one of the tools for solving the problems of the community and encourage a dialogue between the government and the public to analyze and prioritize existing problems. The program will also address cultural aspect, and will work to change the attitude of community residents to socially vulnerable groups.

More details in the video of the TV channel “VITA”: