Source: Enerhodar City Council


On January 25, 2019, chaired by Energodar First Deputy Mayor, Ihor Kurda, the working session dedicated to the organization of the monitoring and assessment of implementation performance of the 2017 City Development Strategic Plan and 2020 Implementation Plan was held.

The Strategic Plan drafting process started in 2014. In 2015, Energodar took part in the competition organized by PLEDDG Project. With PLEDDG support, a Strategic Plan was developed, the first implementation stage of which started in 2017. The plan determines objectives for future development, the main approaches to achievement thereof and areas of the city’s development. It is positioned as a program document of the highest level in the city and serves as a basis for budget planning and the general development of Energodar.

In the course of the session, PLEDDG consultant, Volodymyr Proskurnin, informed on the organization of monitoring and assessment of the Strategic Plan implementation performance, the procedure for developing of the system of indices (indicators) of the achievement of a strategic vision, strategic and operational aims.  He also held personal consultations with representatives of the city council departments in order to process the index list of aims.

To see the analysis of indicators of the Strategic Plan implementation assessment, organization of monitoring and assessment of implementation performance. visit the official website of Energodar City Council under the subheading “Energodar Development Strategy