Source: official website of Dolyna City Council

Новина 6_1There is no doubt as to the need and relevance of planning activities at the local level. Dolyna community is actively developing and implementing a strategic approach to planning sustainable territorial development.

A strategic benchmark in this activity is 2027 Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy. In order to monitor the implementation of its goals, both strategic and operational, periodic monitoring of the Strategy implementation is carried out.

At the meeting of the Committee on management of Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy implementation, objectives of 2019 implementation plan were reviewed and compared with the planned indicators, objectives of the Strategy implementation plan for the next period were discussed.

We discussed the Action Plan for ensuring sustainability of the results of PLEDDG implementation in Dolyna.

For every project and initiative, which are implemented in Dolyna with the support of the PLEDDG, challenges and obstacles were discussed and key steps to overcome them were defined, in fact, this is reflected in the Action Plan for ensuring sustainability of initiatives and projects implementation results.

Dolyna Subregion Development Strategy is implemented on the basis of a strategic partnership between government, business and society. Such cooperation will certainly be a success.