On June 3–6, Women Deliver 2019 took place in Vancouver, Canada. It was the world’s largest gathering on gender equality and the health, rights and well-being of women and girls. Its aim was to catalyze active men and women committed to gender equality in the world to share their knowledge and put forward solutions to numerous global challenges. The speakers were delivering presentations and talking about such issues as health, nutrition, education, and empowerment of women and girls in political and economic life. The event brought together more than 6 thousand of men and women: leaders, lawyers, and authors.

Invited by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Irpin Acting Mayor Anastasiia Popsui took part as a speaker on behalf of Ukraine.

“Having met with foreign experts and heard the most powerful women in the world, I have realized that gender equality is a key indicator not only of the scope of women empowerment in decision-taking processes, it is also a litmus test for the rule of law and respect for an individual in any country of the world. The number of women in politics will increase only when Ukrainian society enhances personal responsibility and respect for each other. Our society is developing, it is true. However, the pace of development depends on each of us.

During the Conference in Vancouver, I managed to collect materials and samples for drafting the plan for European Charter implementation in Irpin. I have also taken Vancouver’s gender strategy both as a template and the guidelines to be used for our town”.

On July 2, the Selection Committee of European Assembly of Women Deputies held a session in order to decide on the winners of “The Best Women Initiatives for Local Community Democracy Development”. The criteria for assessment were defined in line with global trends and voiced at the Vancouver Conference: Ecology, Education, Equal Opportunities.

The contacts established during the Conference will be used for organizing an event on political bowling. Some of the participating women have been already invited to take part in it as speakers.

Economic feasibility of gender balance efficiency at enterprises and organizations will be used for drafting city strategies and action plans on implementation of European Charter on Gender Equality.

We have recorded a series of video messages, delivered by the women participating at the Conference (politicians, journalists, and public people), about the necessity to engage more Ukrainian women in political work, participation in elections, senior positions in Ukrainian Government, and in responsible and gender balanced journalism’, – Ms Popsui said.

Please find below the presentation delivered by Anastasiia Popsui at Odesa Municipal Forum on June 19-20, 2019.

 pdf Presentation Popsui